Our Philosophy

At Bayside Early Learners, we believe learning during the early years of life is crucial to the development of the whole person. We believe that children learn about themselves and their diverse world through play based and child-initiated experiences, which are responsive to individual needs. Our center philosophy embraces the image of the child as a capable, confident, creative and active learner.

As educators, we have the belief that it is our duty to support each family in their role of raising and nurturing children. We respect the right to privacy for both the child and their family; ensuring confidentiality is maintained at all times. It is important to also acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness of each family, and the significance of its culture, customs, language and beliefs. The importance of the wider community is also considered and the influences and contributions to a child’s life and learning valued.

At Bayside Early Learners, we have a strong belief that every child and their family, regardless of their background or developmental level, have the right to quality care, which is fun and allows the individual to develop at their own pace in an aesthetically appealing and safe environment.

We recognise that a child’s parents are ultimately responsible for their health and well -being, but as professional educators we will work in partnership and endeavor to promote healthy lifestyle options. It is our belief that every educator associated with Bayside Early Learners, including management personnel, will be valued for their individual contributions, abilities and experience within the child care environment. These attributes will be fostered, shared and continually extended.

The practices and programs made available at Bayside Early Learners are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our interest based program reflects the interests and input from not only children but their families, and allows them to be the navigators for their own learning.

Overall, Bayside Early Learners believes that is our responsibility to provide each and every child in our care with the best possible opportunities to grow, develop and reach their fullest potential. To have the opportunity to make a positive impact and give children the best possible start in life, it is seen as a privilege by our dedicated educators and a responsibility that we accept with great passion and enthusiasm.